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The journey to change communities starts with one child.

Our organization, Empower Youth Mentorship Program, matches teens from underserved neighborhoods with mentors to provide personalized academic and career guidance free of charge. Mentors help teens build skills like time management, communication, and critical thinking to achieve their college and job aspirations.

Mentors are teachers, business professionals, and community leaders who undergo training to support our youth. Activities include tutoring sessions, workplace tours, college campus visits, and leadership development workshops. Teens receive 1-on-1 guidance on college applications, financial aid, interview skills, and more.

Our mentoring not only prepares teens for future success but also boosts their confidence, well-being, and community engagement. With your help, we can empower many more youth to unlock their potential. Become a mentor today!

Our organization is proud to offer mentorship opportunities for teens. We provide personalized guidance and support to help teens develop important life skills, explore their interests, and plan for their future.
College Prep
Our organization offers comprehensive college prep programs designed to help students navigate the college application process and prepare for success in higher education. We offer a variety of services, including college counseling, SAT/ACT test preparation, and essay writing workshops.
Community Service Hours
We offer a variety of community service programs and projects designed to help individuals make a positive impact in their local community.
Scholarships and Fafsa Application Assistance
We are dedicating the time to help students and families with the FAFSA application process.
Teen Job Opportunity Program
We believe that part-time jobs can help teens develop important job skills, gain valuable work experience, and earn money to support their education and personal goals. Our job opportunities include positions from organizations and nonprofits.
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