Change My Community

Our pursuit of changing the world one community at a time started in 2013. Change My Community began with only a few individuals committed to providing minority groups equal access to education, livelihood, and healthcare services in our own community.

Our aspiration of a more inclusive world became a pebble in the water that has set other people in motion to do their part. Slowly, we built a community of dedicated groups and individuals, as well as businesses, to stand up for social development.

Our Mission Statement

The organizational purpose of Change My Community is to provide necessary resources and education to the minority community while promoting Diversity, Self Sufficiency, and Leadership.

To spark motivation for individuals to do their part in changing communities and becoming more inclusive of the disadvantaged and vulnerable, we are committed to being involved locally, whether through events, volunteering, or simply making connections.

We aim to make a positive change in our communities by creating opportunities inclusive to all – people of all backgrounds, abilities, ages, and walks of life. We are on a mission to help foster an environment that is welcoming and accessible.

We will ensure our partner’s efforts, and those of their beneficiaries and participants, have long-term, positive impacts on the quality of their communities. Our commitment is to create opportunities for everyone and to help build a more inclusive society.

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