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Advance Your Career with the Career Development Center

At the Career Development Center, our mission is to provide professionals with the tools and guidance to reach their full career potential. We offer comprehensive services to support our members at every stage of their career journeys. Our career advisors provide one-on-one coaching to help members identify optimal career paths aligned with their strengths and interests. We assist with targeted resume and cover letter reviews to position members for their desired roles.

Our workshops equip members with insights on critical career skills – from networking to salary negotiation. We also host regular speaker panels featuring industry leaders offering insider advice for career growth. Additionally, our mentorship program connects members with seasoned professionals to provide industry-specific counsel and expertise. Through insightful mentor conversations, members gain new perspectives on excelling in their chosen fields.

We empower professionals to take charge of their career trajectories. Contact us today to learn more about our career advancement services.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Showcase Your Brand While Supporting the Community

At Change My Community, our fundraising events offer exclusive sponsorship packages for businesses seeking visibility while also making a difference locally. The Title Sponsorship provides premier brand exposure with top billing, logo placement on all event materials and signage, presenting honors, VIP seating, and speaking opportunities.

The Gold Sponsorship offers expanded brand visibility with logo inclusion on the photo booth, bars, and ballroom displays, prominent signage, and formal recognition from the stage.

The Silver Sponsorship provides a focused brand presence with logo placement at the registration table, dessert buffet, and program brochure. Your support will be noted in event materials.

No matter your sponsorship level, you’ll generate goodwill by supporting impactful initiatives like our job training programs, youth mentoring events, and sustainability projects. Join us in uplifting the community. Become a sponsor and gain brand exposure while also creating positive change. Contact to learn more and confirm your sponsorship today.

Intern Staffing Program

Find Your Next Great Intern through the Talent Pipeline Program

At the Education & Business Partnership, our Talent Pipeline Program connects promising students and recent graduates with paid internship opportunities at leading organizations. We recruit and screen qualified candidates from local universities and colleges to find interns that best fit your needs. Our 3-month programs match interns to roles aligned with their skills, experience, and career interests.

Placements are available across many fields, like marketing, finance, and human resources. We ensure students receive meaningful on-the-job training while bringing new perspectives to your team.

Our program enables organizations to benefit from fresh talent and new ideas while supporting the professional growth of youth. We handle all intern recruitment, screening, matching, and preparation. Give your team a boost while shaping the workforce of tomorrow. Contact us to learn more and find your next great intern through the Talent Pipeline Program.


Professional Development Workshops

Our professional development workshops provide practical training to help take your career to the next level. Programs include our Business Writing Workshop, where attendees learn techniques for crafting clear, concise, and compelling written documents in the workplace.

The Emotional Intelligence Workshop teaches strategies for managing emotions and relationships at work more effectively. Build your leadership capabilities.

Our Presentation Skills Workshop equips attendees with expertise in delivering engaging and impactful presentations. From slide design to public speaking, gain confidence in presenting.

Additional offerings help with networking, communication, time management, and more. Expert facilitators make workshops highly interactive and practical. Return to work with new strategies and knowledge to build your skills, productivity, and value.


At Change My Community, we’re passionate about helping businesses reach their full potential. We take a hands-on, customized approach to match each client with the consulting services that will have the biggest impact on their organization. Core services include:

  • Strategic Planning – We collaborate with leadership to develop long-term goals and effective strategies to achieve them.
  • Process Improvement – By evaluating operations and systems, we identify opportunities to increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability.
  • Leadership Development – With one-on-one and group coaching, we unlock the full capabilities of any organization.

Let’s talk about where your business goals are now and how we can help get you where you want to be.

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