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Family opportunities through Change My Community.

At our family activities program, we prioritize the well-being and holistic development of every member of our community. We understand that each family is unique and faces its own set of challenges, which is why we offer a range of supportive services designed to nurture individuals at every stage of life.

Our youth program is crafted to provide a safe and enriching environment where young minds can explore their creativity through art activities, receive academic support to thrive in their studies, and benefit from mentorship that guides them towards a bright future, including college preparation.

For adults, we offer a comprehensive array of programs aimed at personal and professional growth, including seminars to expand knowledge, networking opportunities to forge meaningful connections, resume preparation assistance to enhance career prospects, sponsorship opportunities to empower aspirations, and workshops and consulting services to refine skills and strategies.

Additionally, our senior programs prioritize the health and well-being of our elder members through accessible healthcare services tailored to their needs. At the heart of our program is a commitment to fostering a supportive community where individuals of all ages can flourish and find the resources they need to navigate life’s journey with resilience.

We Provide Opportunities to The Whole Family.

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Family Activities

Our organization offers a variety of family activities designed to promote bonding and create lasting memories. These activities include family game nights, movie nights, outdoor adventures, and community service projects. We believe that spending quality time together as a family is important for building strong relationships and promoting positive communication.

Our Program Include:
  • Fun Activities
  • Family Counseling
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Kids & Teens Activities

The Change My Community Foundation provides educational and recreational programs to help youth develop and thrive. Our art, music, sports, and STEM programs teach creativity, teamwork, and problem solving while inspiring a passion for learning. By making these opportunities accessible, we empower children to explore their potential and cultivate healthy habits to become engaged citizens.

Our Program Include:
  • Academic Support
  • Afterschool Fun Activities
  • Teens Fun Activities
  • Mentorship
  • College Prep Scholarship/FAFSA
  • Application Assistance
  • Job Opportunity Program
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Education & Career Development

The Change My Community Foundation is committed to professionals’ success. Providing them support with education programs, and events. Our clubs offer mentoring systems and full support towards their career path.

Our Program Include:
  • Seminars
  • Network
  • Sponsorship Opportunities Intern
  • Staffing Program Workshops
  • Consulting
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At Change My Community, we’re on a mission to enrich seniors’ lives through meaningful connections and joyful experiences. Our programs boost mental, physical, and social well-being so the seniors can thrive in their best years yet.

Our Program Include:
  • Health Services
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