Message from the President

Welcome to Change My Community, Inc.!

As President of Change My Community, Inc., it is my honor to lead our dedicated team as we pursue our mission to support and uplift vulnerable communities. For over ten years, our nonprofit has provided critical services, enabling several people to have a voice and access to life-changing resources.

Our nonprofit has lived up to its name by organizing dozens of youth advocacy groups and assisting immigrants through securing temporary protected status, work permits, green card and naturalization applications, appeals, and stays of deportation. We have also provided job skills training for several recent immigrants, leading to successful job placements. We also bring the community together to honor community and youth leaders and rising athletic stars at our annual award events. We could not have achieved this wide impact without the tireless work of our volunteers and the critical donations from supporters like you.

The challenges facing our immigrant and low-income neighbors have only amplified in recent years. At Change My Community, Inc., we are committed to grassroots activism and addressing injustice through systemic change. Our team of lawyers has secured protection for several immigrants facing deportation. And our job readiness workshops have helped newcomers land their first jobs in America. We believe no one in need should be left behind.

With your support, we can continue to reduce barriers through education, connection, and empowerment. Donations from people like you are the fuel that keeps our programs running. Together, we can build a more just society where everyone has the chance to thrive.

During this time of uncertainty, I am inspired daily by the resilience and courage of our community. Thank you for supporting Change My Community, Inc.’s vision of a society lifted up by its most vulnerable members. Please consider getting involved or donating today.

In solidarity,
Guerly Adonis,

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