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The journey to change communities starts with one child.

The Change My Community Foundation provides educational and recreational programs to help youth develop and thrive. Our art, music, sports, and STEM programs teach creativity, teamwork, and problem-solving while inspiring a passion for learning. By making these opportunities accessible, we empower children to explore their potential and cultivate healthy habits to become engaged citizens. Our goal is to support youth today to build stronger. Our goal is to support youth today to build stronger communities tomorrow.

Academic Support 3yrs – 17yrs
Our organization is dedicated to providing academic support for kids and teens of all ages. We offer a wide range of programs and services designed to help kids succeed academically, including homework help, tutoring, and test preparation. We are committed to providing the resources and support necessary to help kids reach their full potential.
Art Activities 3yrs – 12yrs
Our organization offers a variety of engaging and fun art activities for kids. From painting and drawing to collage and sculpture, our programs are designed to inspire creativity and encourage self- expression.
Teens Fun Activities 13yrs – 17yrs
Our organization offers a variety of engaging and enriching activities for teens. From sports and fitness to music and art, our programs are designed to provide teens with opportunities to explore their interests and develop new skills. We also offer academic support, leadership training, and community service opportunities to help teens build confidence and develop important life skills.
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