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Discover career opportunities through Change My Community.

The Change My Community Foundation is committed to young professionals’ success. Providing them support with education programs, and events.

Our clubs offer mentoring systems and full support towards their career path.

Our organization offers seminars on a variety of topics to provide education and support to individuals and families in our community. Our seminars cover a range of topics, including financial planning, legal rights, healthcare, and parenting. We bring in expert speakers to provide valuable insights and information to our community.
Our organization offers networking events to provide individuals with opportunities to connect with others in their community. Our events are designed to bring together individuals from diverse backgrounds and professions to share their experiences and build relationships. We provide a variety of networking opportunities, including social events, professional development workshops, and industry-specific events. Our goal is to create a supportive and inclusive environment where individuals can build meaningful connections and find opportunities for personal and professional growth.
Fafsa Application Assistance
We are dedicating the time to help students and families with the FAFSA application process.
Scholarship Application Assistance
We are dedicating the time to help students and families with the scholarships application process.
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